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Lavender Panty Liners (155mm) 30 Pack

Lavender Panty Liners (155mm) 30 Pack

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Lavender panty liners are soft and breathable. Its slim contour makes it comfortable and discreet to wear.
These liners are designed for:
  • the absorbency for daily vaginal discharge
  • light menstrual flow
  • tampon and menstrual cup backup
  • spotting
  • post-intercourse discharge
  • and urinary incontinence

 Ideal for:

  • Small leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze
  • A few drips when rushing to the toilet
  • Sports, gym work outs, fitness classes, outdoor and indoor activities
  • Every day - ‘just in case’

It is advisable to change your panty liner every 3-4 hours.

A great way to maintain a ‘fresh and clean’ feeling throughout the day.