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Introducing a sanitary napkin that is not only hygienic but is enhanced by a natural substance called Anion which can improve women’s wellness.


  • Lavender's Sanitary Napkin package is resealable, to avoid bacteria and gems from contaminating the napkin inside.
  • Individual packaging of Lavender's Sanitary Napkin is 100% sealed and sanitised.
  • Average woman discharged 40ml of blood, on this video you will see the comparison of the normal napkin and Lavender's napkin on its dryness.
  • Lavender's Sanitary Napkin has 8 protective layers compared to other napkin manufactured.
  • Improved technology on napkin's material
    • Thin soft cotton which allows quick absorption
    • Nano Silver: Kills bacteria
    • Far-infrared: improves circulations
    • Negative Ion: makes the uterus healthier
    • Hydro Gel (from Japan) for better and quick absorption, it holds the fluid steadily
    • The last layer of Lavender Sanitary Napkin is breathable, and bio-degradeable.